XILICA 中文电子档文件下载

XP系列: XP2040    XP3060     XP4080     XP8080
XD系列: XD4080    XD8080
XA系列: XA2040    XA3060     XA4080 
Neutrino: Neutrino

XILICA XP XD 系列高清晰图片 下载 XA主清楚图片下载

XConsole Software v3.02
XConsole Release text

Firmware Upgrade
(Use Upgrade- >Firmware menu in XConsole to upgrade)

XD Series

XD 4080 Firmware v8.00

XD 8080 Firmware v8.00

Firmware upgrade info

XP Series

XP-8080 Firmware v8.00

XP-4080 Firmware v8.00

XP-3060 Firmware v8.00

XP-2040 Firmware v8.00


XP Series manual

XConsole Communication protocol

XConsole USB Connect manual

XM Series

XM Series Firmware v7.06

Firmware Upgrade info

* Make sure to backup device data before upgrading firmware. Upgrader will erase all device data!

USB Driver

USB Driver v5.21 Jan 2008

Microsoft Components (Not necessary in normal circumstances)

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Windows Installer 3.1

Proud of Our Products.

Our products include digital crossovers, multi-channel software configurable devices, Analog to digital network convertors, DSP engines, OEM plug-in digital crossover boards, etc. We are proud to serve the pro audio industry with our 15+ years of service.

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